Eamcet Seat Allotment Orders for College Wise and Student Wise

For the Eamcet counseling which can be done in online and also the allotment list can also be seen so that the students can also able to know that which colleges the students preferred to join and also the priority of those colleges which they picked from the list. This must be helpful when the candidate deserves a seat in one college and got a seat in another college. In that case they can be checked once and can be able to change that priority in the 2nd counseling. 

All you have to do is to know your login id and password. This can be done when you registered into it. The provisional allotment list can be seen by entering into the portal with your given details. Then you have to enter your college name in which you secured a seat, branch in that college which you put it as a preference. Then click on show allotments.

You need not to write your college name, just select your college name from the dropped down list, then your college will be selected. When you selected your college the below branch field starts showing all the branches in that college when you pressed the drop down button. So that this will made easy to the students who are willing this as a better option.

Students the above Image is Eamcet Seat Allotment. Candidate must login your respective Login ID and download your respective Seat Allotment Order. Download EAMCET 2013 Seat Allotment Order

Eamcet 2013 Mathematics Syllabus Chapter Wise

Hi Buddies here we have to give you some information about on Ap Eamcet 2013 Mathematics. We have got a Syllabus on Mathematics. So Students keep the Eamcet 2013 Mathematics Syllabus also we can download the respective Syllabus. In this 2013 year Government will be given some syllabus. So students have to prepare properly while following the Syllabus.
Algebra Trigonometry Vector Algebra Probability Coordinate Geometry Calculus
Trigonometric functions
Algebra of vectors
Random experiments
Locus, Translation of axes, rotation of axes
Functions – limits – Continuity
Mathematical induction and applications
Trigonometric ratios of compound angles
Scalar and vector product of two vectors and their applications
Random variables
Straight line
Differentiation – Methods of differentiation
Permutations and Combinations
Trigonometric equations
Scalar and vector triple products
Pair of straight lines
Successive differentiation – Leibnitz’s theorem and its applications
Binomial theorem
Inverse trigonometric functions
Applications of differentiation
Partial fractions
Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
System of circles
Partial differentiation including Euler’s theorem
Exponential and logarithmic series
Properties of Triangles
Conics – Parabola – Ellipse – Hyperbola
Integration – methods of integration
Quadratic expressions, equations and inequations in one variable
Heights and distances
Polar Coordinates
Definite integrals and their applications
Theory of equations
Coordinates in three dimensions
Numerical integration
Matrices and determinants
Direction Cosines and direction ratios of a line
Differential equations
Complex numbers and their properties
Cartesian equation of a plane
Friends Here is the Full Syllabus on Mathematics. If you get full Eamcet 2013 Mathematics Syallbus Please Download the full Document.

AP Eamcet 2013 Courses Offered in Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine

Students here we have to stay this website. The Ap Government are going to decided on AP Eamcet 2013. In the next Year Eamcet 2013 courses offered in Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Category. There are total 23 Courses Offered under Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Category. The following are the Eamcet 2013 Courses Offered are as mentioned Below:
Agriculture and Medical Category (AM)
Engineering Category (E)
B.E. / B.Tech
B.Tech.(Ag. Engg.)
B.V.Sc. & Animal Husbandry
B.Tech.(Bio-Technology) (M.P.C.)
B.Tech.(Dairy Technology)
B.Tech. (Food Science & Technology)
B.Tech.(Food Science & Technology)
B.Sc. (CA &BM) (Bi.P.C.)
B.Sc.(CA & BM) (M.P.C.)
B.Pharm (M.P.C.)
Pharm-D (M.P.C.)
B.Tech.(Bio-Technology) (Bi.P.C.)
Pharm-D (Bi.P.C.)